Public transport applications welcomed

No moratorium ever existed

A moratorium that had been put in place earlier this year on applications for new public transport licences is now non-existent because it was found to have not been in place legally.

In fact, this is true of all moratoriums on public transport licence applications over the past several years.

This was announced by Minister for Tourism Charles Clifford at a recent media briefing. The Minister explained that over the past eight years the Public Transport Board has periodically implemented moratoriums on applications for public transport licences.

The most recent moratorium was put in place in February.

However, Mr. Clifford said that during the public transport reform project and the review of the relevant pieces of legislation governing public transport matters, it was discovered that the Public Transport Board has no authority to implement a moratorium.

Consequently no moratorium exists and the Ministry staff was instructed to write to the Public Transport Board to inform them and to advise that the Board is legally obligated to receive and process all applications it receives.

‘However, this does not mean all of the applications will be approved,’ the Minister noted.

‘The Ministry is of the view it should have the authority to issue a moratorium,’ he said, adding that government would have to draft the necessary legislation.

Mr. Clifford said the matter is complex. ‘There is often more demand in season than supply, but in the summer off-season, the opposite is sometimes true.’

Meanwhile, the uniform (Caribbean shirt) that was recently chosen by the taxi operators will begin to be worn in October this year.

Initially the shirt will be introduced as mandatory for all taxi drivers. Eventually it is planned to bring it in for all tour operators.

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