Why beer at Boatswains?

Please allow me the space to voice my concern of the recent online polling regarding alcohol beverages served at the Boatswain’s Beach/Cayman Turtle Farm; a polling I never had the opportunity to respond to as I have been off the island during the past three months.

I have on numerous occasions in the past wanted to respond to different issues that I read with disgust and concern, however I never took the time or I always thought, ‘what sense does it make?’ This issue has certainly gotten my attention.

Firstly, it would be interesting to know who came up with such an idea.

I trust it was none of the so-called Christian community minded people that we have in our islands and please don’t say the tourists.

Yes, we may have that very rare occasional person that may ask for alcoholic beverages. That doesn’t mean we just jump on every suggestion, opinion or question put forth by visitors to our island.

As an individual who has the opportunity to travel around the world, my family and I travelled this year to numerous countries and visited numerous attractions. At no time did I go to a restaurant and have the privilege to purchase beer, wine or liquor and I myself am an occasional drinker. I would have loved to be able to enjoy a nice cold beer due to weather conditions.

So tell me why we would entertain this idea? Don’t you know the saying, when you go to Rome you do as the Romans do. Come on Caymanians why can’t we have something for the family without having alcohol as a part of it? This is our prize attraction, not just for visitors but also for us, the locals, and as we already have an alcohol problem in our society, I don’t think we need to add to it.

Additionally, can you imagine those persons such as local tour guides that visit the attraction daily and on the one rare occasion one my sneak and have a drink and on their way back to the pier have an accident, injuring or killing an innocent person and it is proven that the guide/driver had alcohol in his or her system? What do you think would be the outcome of the situation?

Wake up and start thinking long term, not just for tomorrow. Stop trying to please everyone.

We are all aware that the attraction site is very much in need of funds; however they have already caused a bitter taste in people’s mouth with the increase of the entrance fees.

What you should focus on is trying to get those 18 votes as well as the many others who have responded to the Compass poll by saying it doesn’t matter, I’ll never go there anyway.

Miss Y Bodden

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