Poll: No fear of flying

Majority say terrorism won’t impact travel plans

More than 72 per cent of respondents to the most recent caycompass.com online poll said the recently thwarted terrorist plot to bomb US-bound commercial airliners would not affect their air travel plans over the next year at all.

Of the 281 who responded to the poll, 204 said they would keep on flying.

‘As US citizens, my family and I will not bow to the will of foreign terrorists,’ commented one respondent.

‘I fly very frequently and for the most part feel safer flying than I would driving on roads today,’ said another respondent.

One person noted that there is little choice for those who travel.

‘We live in the Islands. What can we do but fly?’

Several people noted that added safety precautions at the airports were going to slow things down.

‘I don’t mind the hassle,’ said one person. ‘Just keeping safe is the goal of flying.’

The terrorism plot could change the routes taken by one respondent. Who nonetheless said the plot wouldn’t affect his travel plans.

‘I might fly British Airways direct to Europe instead of going through the U.S. Who needs that hassle?’

Another 16 per cent of the respondents (45 people) said they would make fewer air trips than they might have before the terrorism plot was uncovered.

‘I do not think the ‘war on terror’ is truly establishing a decline in the amount of terrorists, or terrorist groups,’ said one respondent.

‘I travelled from the UK to Cayman two days after the incident, and am now reluctant to travel to Europe due to the disorganization of the authorities in London,’ said another respondent.

Sixteen people (5.7 per cent) said they would not fly to or from the United States as a result of the recent terrorist plot.

The same number (16 people, 5.7 per cent) said they would not fly at all because of the renewed terrorism threat.

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