Minister pushing eastern highway

Minister of Works Arden McLean continues to push for the early construction of an arterial highway to link George Town with the Eastern Districts.

Speaking at the Cabinet press briefing last week, Mr. McLean said he received the costing estimates for the first phase of the road and he is ready to proceed with the next step.

‘It’s now at the stage that I have to take it to my [Cabinet] colleagues to get approval,’ he said.

Mr. McLean said the initial phase of the project, which would involve constructing a section of road between Hirst Road in Savannah and Poindexter Road in Prospect, has been delayed somewhat because most of the National Roads Authority’s heavy equipment is still being used on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway extension project.

The NRA has now completed most of that project, but it is still assisting Ritz-Carlton developer Mike Ryan with aspects of the bridge over the canal on the property.

‘As soon as the NRA completes helping Mr. Ryan get the approach ramps to the bridge done, it will move the equipment,’ Mr. McLean said.

The long-term plan is for a six-lane highway coming from East End into George Town.

‘At this time, we are proposing to only construct the outer two lanes and leave the median for further development.’

It is envisaged the road will be constructed in four stages, Mr. McLean said. After completing the Hirst Road to Poindexter Road section, the next stage would take the road to Red Bay.

That road would cross Shamrock Road just west of Ocean Club, travel through the area known as Prospect Point, and then merge with Shamrock Road just east of Red Bay Plaza.

That plaza, which is the home of the popular bar and restaurant Durty Reid’s, would be the only structure that would have to be demolished to construct the road.

Eventually, the road is planned to continue east from Hirst Road all the way to Colliers in East End.

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