Theft sentence adjourned

A case of theft scheduled for sentencing on Friday has been adjourned until 6 October.

Defence Attorney John Furniss told Mrs. Justice Zaila McCalla that the Crown intends to appeal the recent Grand Court sentence of a woman who pleaded guilty to theft of $26,492.22 from her employer.

Mr. Furniss said his client’s case involved a similar amount, so it might be suitable to wait for the results of the appeal.

He explained that the Crown intended to take the whole matter of breach of trust to the Court of Appeal, which will be asked to review sentencing authorities.

Theft by an employee is considered a breach of trust because he or she would have been trusted by the employer and placed in a position to deal with money.

In the case Mr. Furniss referred to, the defendant was given a sentence of two years, which was suspended for two years. She was also directed to perform 150 hours of community service, attend counselling as required by her probation officer and pay back the money stolen.

It was her second offence of theft from an employer (Caymanian Compass, 8 September).

Mrs. Justice McCalla agreed that an adjournment was appropriate because it might result in saving time and costs.

Crown Counsel Kirsti-Ann Gunn was present but did not Comment.

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