Considers these 20 questions

Here are 20 critical questions that every Caymanian who identifies himself as a Caymanian must consider:

• Are we xenophobic because we articulate our concerns about Caymanians retaining the control and being the main beneficiaries of the growth and development of our island?

• What rights can we demand or what levels of expectations do we carry with us when we go to another person’s country for education or economic opportunity?

• What does it say about the quality of our democracy and our civility that those who have been afforded (not entitled) the right to be called Caymanians can freely, without any regard for our sensitivities or the truth, turn around and label us as lazy, unintelligent, Nazis, short-sighted and ungrateful?

• Knowing that we Caymanians are in all likelihood outnumbered, what lessons can we learn from the voice of one accord with which the expat majority is speaking?

• Why is the expat majority so frightened by the rollover policy? Are we asking them to give any more than what we have already given up?

• If we truly say goodbye to some people, will it mean that none of them will ever come back and that there is no one in the world to replace them?

• Are we as Caymanians finally willing to make do with fewer material things to hold on to what really matters, which is the right to self determination and self governance, as well as our identity as Caymanians?

• How do we explain to our children why our culture is under assault, why so many insults are being heaped upon us, or why good friends may have to leave without burdening them with the confusion of adult politics?

• How do we continue to live with the spit in our face, the insults, the patronizing arrogance, and the questionable expressions of concern about Cayman’s future by those who claim to love us, be one of us, and hold our best interest at heart?

• With expats arguably controlling and deriving the most benefits from our economic drivers, how much do we as average and below average Caymanians stand to lose if things slow down a bit or slow down a lot?

• If you as a Caymanian are presently working only to pay bills that are increasing every month (CUC, mortgage, insurance), or struggle to advance in your job what benefits will you gain from the continued growth of the economy?

• Can you afford any property that Paul Aiken or any poor realtor is selling?

• Where has been the outcry from the newly emboldened Expatnian socio-economic experts in regards to those 200 Caymanian families still without homes after Hurricane Ivan and the refusal of the EU/UK to help?

Please note: Expatnian is the term that describes an individual who is legally Caymanian but has a crippling inability to identify with or defend the needs, desires, or concerns of those they found here and allegedly fell in love with.

• Where was the outcry amongst these Expatnian armchair experts when previous Governments of the 80s and 90s subsidized infrastructural development to benefit rich developers, bankers, accountants and lawyers at the expense of the education and training system which utterly failed Caymanian children?

• Why are there no letters to the paper expressing the Expatnian commitment to promote/preserve the Caymanian identity and culture, as well as improve education, employment advancement, development, and training for Caymanians?

• Is it ever too late to get things right and to repent for the sins of the past? How many of us have the guts to follow Min. Anthony Eden’s example and do the right thing, apologize to those who have been hurt, and to make sure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated?

• Have Caymanians finally figured out that our only hope is to stand up, speak up and stick together because we do not share the same desires for the future as many of those living amongst us?

• Is anything really wrong with a difference in viewpoints on what direction the country should take? What points can we take from the differing view being articulated by the majority of Expatnians and non-Caymanians?

• Have we now finally learned our lesson after years of allowing our needs as a people to be crushed underfoot, ignored, maligned, or fall second place to the needs of those who cannot or refuse to identify with us?

• Will you stand up with your true-fellow Caymanians, defend your country with dignity and preserve your children’s future?

Stay strong my people for this is only another test of our fortitude and willingness to stand up for our country and our children.

The only way we can lose the country is if we give it away!

God Bless us all.

Rosa Powery

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