Don’t recant rollover policy

Please allow me space in your wonderful paper to respond to the writer and his letter; and I write for many Caymanians I personally know who think and feel similarly.

Let me, Lorenzo Berry, remind Michael Dreyton of expatriate non grata, Cayman Net News, August 2006, that when I left these Cayman islands to travel around the world I never presumed or imposed myself into the socio-political fabric of other countries in the way I see happening here in Cayman.

I would like him to tell me where his fixed place of abode was; I don’t think it was Grand Cayman.

I am propelled to call to this man to return to where he came from and try to build his own country.

I have to wonder if the reason he came to my island was because he was not able to contribute to the development in his own country and the reason I wonder this is because he comes with an arrogance that purports to know what is best for us. It seems as if he has come here to Cayman to make himself known – an easy thing to do in this small country.

Any bona fide traveler who does not have a fixed place of abode, traveling from place to place, can decide Cayman is their full stop and not want to return to their native home because this country is paradise – this place we call our native home, Grand Cayman.

He (and others) should remind himself that there is no place like home sweet home regardless of where he or she comes from.

I left the Cayman Islands in 1956 and worked for $95 per month as mess-man and moved myself up into a high rating position in order to build Cayman, along with other Caymanian seamen who made this beautiful island a destination for many to come and enjoy and reap the benefit of what they saw.

The base for this extraordinary financial and tourist haven was built by our native Caymanians.

While I will concede that there have been many welcomed visitors who have integrated respectfully into our culture and continue to contribute to these islands with good faith and integrity, I believe we have been too accommodating for too long, and now there are too many of our own people suffering as a result.

Let the Caymanian decide what is best for our islands. Slowly the Caymanian sun is setting o’er the hill tops far away, filling all their lands with beauty at the closing of one sad day (thanks to Rosa Hartwicke Thorpe’s curfew must not ring tonight); and soon, very soon, you will see the goat departing from the sheep.

Keep up the good work Government and do not even contemplate easing that rollover policy and whosoever is against it will have to live with it, or pack up and go.

Mr. Clifford et al are not doing anything different from what the preceding ministers were doing before; however what I have seen being done here is a better job than that done by those who criticize him and his colleagues.

Keep up the good work and steer this good ship on the right course. God bless.

Lorenzo Berry

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