Snowball enjoying good life

Snowball was blissfully unaware of the successful resolution of the criminal prosecution surrounding his January mishap.

The victim of this senseless attack was busy attending to the elimination of chipmunks in his new domain.

He, along with his brothers Buck (a shepherd/husky) and Carbon (a black lab), spend most days in their yard of some 3/4 acres patrolling, running and generally enjoying the sunshine.

A special treat is a trip to the nearby park for a romp in the creek. With winter coming, Snowball will get his first real taste of cold weather. Will he be able to hide in the beautiful white snow when it finally hits?

We’ll look forward to the answer to that question. His brief experience with such weather last spring suggests he will love it.

We are most grateful to the Animal Welfare Unit, the RCIPS, and the Legal Department for the successful prosecution attending this case.

This beautiful island nation showed everyone that abuse of animals simply will not be tolerated here, and that is as it should be.

We can only hope that in the financially restricted environment surrounding all governments today, animal welfare efforts will continue to be a point of emphasis and honor.

Finally, thanks also must go to the Cayman Humane Society, Officer Margaret Baldino, Heather Haines, Melanie Hulse, Dr. Brenda Bush and all those involved with the effort to save Snowball.

That they were successful is witnessed by a very happy, well adjusted dog who has adapted enthusiastically to his new home.

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