LA opens today

The Legislative Assembly will begin a new meeting Wednesday to deal with several important matters, including some new bills.

However, the most anticipated business in the House should be the release of the Government’s proposed amendments to the Immigration Law.

‘The amendments will go to Cabinet on Tuesday,’ said Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts last week. ‘Assuming we approve it, the White Paper will be laid in the House on Wednesday.’

The changes to the Immigration Law are expected to address the provisions of the law dealing with the seven-year term limit, including specified guidelines for who can become an exempted employee and therefore qualify to apply for permanent residency; the length of time a work permit holder who must leave because of reaching his or her term limit has to remain off the island before reapplying for another permit; and the new point system for qualification of permanent residency.

Mr. Tibbetts said that once the White Paper is laid in the House, it will go out for a one-month public consultancy period.

‘We’ll do our best to accommodate any special interest group meeting,’ Mr. Tibbetts said of the public consultancy.

One group already slated to meet with the government about the proposed amendments is the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, Mr. Tibbetts said.

Another major announcement taking place this week in the Legislative Assembly building but outside of the chamber is the presentation of the new Education Governance Model for the Cayman Islands by Education Minister Alden McLaughlin.

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