Drivers have bad attitudes

I am writing this letter to express my concern over the bad attitude of drivers on this island.

I sit in heavy traffic every morning, as most of us do. I do not enjoy sitting in traffic and I wish we did not have any, but there is nothing I can do about that.

However, whilst sitting in traffic every day, I have noticed some atrocious behaviour from many drivers.

I do not understand the need to overtake someone whilst in traffic. I like to leave around one car’s length in front of me when the traffic is moving (something about not fancying slamming on my brakes every time the traffic stops again).

Some people feel I am going too slowly and proceed to overtake me just to fit into the space I have left in front of me. Please note that I travel at the same speed as everyone else.

What they do not seem to realise is that by overtaking me, they have moved up one spot in the traffic queue. They will get to work two seconds faster than they would have done if they had stayed behind me.

I must mention here that no one is overtaking legally. People are overtaking on solid lines or at intersections.

This morning, a car overtaking me almost ran off the road because I had to veer to my right to avoid a cyclist. The interesting thing was that this car, which was in such a hurry to get past, ended up hitting traffic, turning into a driveway about two minutes up the road, turning around and going in the opposite direction. So I ask you, Crazy Driver, what was the purpose of this? Just showing off, perhaps?

Yes, we all think you are very cool now. No wonder there are so many deaths on the roads here every year! Why is everyone so impatient?

Yesterday morning, between Bodden Town and the prison, I watched a car drive up the right lane past all the traffic until it reached oncoming traffic, at which point it merged into the left lane again.

Do you, driver, not realise how dangerous that is? There are school buses, big trucks and other cars moving in the opposite direction to the traffic, not to mention pedestrians (e.g., schoolchildren) on the roads in the mornings.

This is absolutely unacceptable behaviour and people who drive like you should have their licences revoked!

Often I stop to let someone out of a side street. Every time I do it, I get impatient blasts on the horns of the cars behind me. Again, they will get to work a few seconds earlier if I do not let anyone out.

I would like to apologise to everyone for making them so late.

My question to you, Mr. and Mrs. Impatient, is: Does everyone behind me live on the main road? Who let you out this morning? I am willing to bet it would be a completely different story if you were the one coming out of the side roads.

This morning, someone passed through the merge lane by the Savannah Texaco, drove through the yellow lines and squeezed in front of me in the queue. It is a good thing I like to leave some space in front of my car; otherwise he would have hit the road sign. Is there any need for that? Is it not possible for him to wait like everyone else and merge within the lane lines?

You all know who you are. Tomorrow morning, take the time to think about what you are doing. Is it necessary? Is it safe? Ask yourself these two things while you are thinking of cutting someone off or getting annoyed at someone who decides to let someone out of a side street.

We, as drivers, need to make some serious attitude adjustments. There is no need to rush, especially in traffic. The island is small. You will not get to work that much quicker by speeding.

You may not get to work at all if you speed and perform crazy manoeuvres. Speed limits are in effect for a reason; especially in school zones.

These are our children’s and our own lives we are jeopardising for no good reason.

We will get to work stressed out from the journey. What a way to start your day!

Why don’t we just relax and enjoy the scenery of this beautiful island on our way to work?

Cindy Loadman

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