Fidelity Fun Run

The second week of the 2006 Fidelity Fun Run series showed a big jump in the number of participants, as nearly one hundred persons entered on this occasion.It may be presumed that the highly colorful coverage by the media of the first outing was a contributing factor. And, as in week one, there were substantial highlights for both recreational and competitive finishers.

Fidelity Fun Run

Organisers of the second race in the Fidelity Fun Run series enjoyed a large turnout and a surprisingly fierce pram competition. Photo: Guy P. Harrison

First place male and female finishers repeated their conquests of seven days previous, as Marius Acker continued his win streak in recent competitions. Marius was a bit off his first week’s time, as he clocked 11:15.60.Gill Comins was once again the leader of all the lady entrants, ending up in 13th place overall for the second time in a row, but lowering her time to 13:32.36.There was the usual scramble among top placers behind the winners, resulting in a change in the standings for a number of competitors.

But it was the pram pushers who had spectators asking officials to check whether the vehicles were motorized. Tom Gammage and Jeremy Superfine staged a superfast duel, as Tom gained the nod at 14:01.81 to 14:03.51.Not to be outdone, lady pushers Lisa Kehoe and Sally Rubner crossed the line 5th and 10th respectively against all unencumbered female opponents.

The finale this Saturday should provide equal thrills and entertainment. Past participants are encouraged to bring a friend.

Those who intend to take part are reminded that these events begin as closely as possible to the scheduled start time of 7:30 a.m. Registration and check in begin at 6:30 a.m. Persons who arrive close to start time cause difficulties for the organizers and other participants.

Event shirts and overall and age group awards will be distributed immediately following the final week’s offering. Those persons selected to receive awards are requested to be patient while scores are tallied and to adjust their schedules in order to be present for the award ceremony.

Refreshments will be served. For further information, call 945-3970.

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