KPMG’s labour of love

It’s been a labour of love for staff members at KPMG.

The company donated US$75,000 to fix one of the hurricane-damaged homes on the National Recovery Fund’s list for major repairs. A few months ago KPMG became one of the first companies to subscribe to the Fund’s Adopt-a-Home Programme. through which it is appealing for corporate support in the ongoing effort to restore homes.

Contractor C.J. Moore

Contractor C.J. Moore assists the KPMG staff in getting materials ready for painting. Photo: Submitted

KPMG has recently taken its donation much further by demonstrating its true ‘adoption’ of the home of Dulcie Rankine-Anderson, located at Breezy Way in George Town, said a press release from the NRF.

On Saturday, 9 September, 24 employees of the firm, armed with paint, rollers and other tools not common to their every day executive roles, took on the paint job for the soon-to-be completed home.

Volunteer Tahir Manzoor said: ‘I feel proud to work for such a fantastic organization which provides me with an opportunity to help out on such a noble cause. After completing the painting it felt good that I was able to play a part in helping families in the community.’

Staff members spent a full day painting and cleaning up the house in preparation for the return of Ms Dulcie and her son. The KPMG work day came after nearly three months of extensive work on the house including re-roofing, electrical repairs and interior restoration. Repairs have been carried out by C.J. Moore Construction.

The KPMG staff returned the following week to complete the task and were joined by Ms Rankine-Anderson’s sons.

KPMG, which is this year celebrating 40 years in the community, says the staff and partners of the firm were grateful for the chance to assist Ms Rankine-Anderson with financial support as well as provide human resources through the firm’s support to ‘Make A Difference Day’.

‘KPMG values opportunities such as these to help the community. Our support of the National Recovery Fund on this project means that one more house is restored and one more family can return to suitable housing. We consider this project a timely continuation of our community outreach over the many years we have been in business here,’ stated Senior Partner, Roy McTaggart.

Two years after it began its housing rebuilding programme in the wake of Hurricane Ivan, the National Recovery Fund has repaired 450 homes and assisted a further 400 families with replacement furniture and major appliances.

The Fund relies on donations to carry out its work and continues to appeal to companies and individuals to support its Adopt-a-Home Programme.


For further information on the Adopt-a-Home Programme. please contact Cynthia Arie at 943-3863.

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