Standardised taxis possible

Cayman Islands’ taxi drivers might have to drive standardised vehicles in the future.

The method of standardisation could take a couple of different forms, said Minister of Tourism Charles Clifford.

‘Whether that means going to a particular kind of vehicle or a particular colour scheme remains to be seen,’ he said.

Mr. Clifford also said that fare meters are under consideration.

‘There are provisions in the law for [fare meters],’ he said. ‘It’s something I know the board has been looking at again recently.’

Mr. Clifford said some taxi operators had implemented meters voluntarily in the past.

Something else that will receive attention is the operation of district buses.

‘Currently, those licensed to operate district buses are licensed to service specific routes, and to be there at specific times,’ Mr. Clifford said.

However, there is no one really available to check to see if bus routes are being serviced properly at the present time.

‘Right now, the responsibility falls on to the Vehicle and Licensing Department,’ Mr. Clifford said, adding that other matters take priority for the Department.

‘As a result, the Public Transport gets ignored and there is no one to police the system.’

Mr. Clifford said a new body called the Public Transport Unit will rectify that shortcoming.

‘The first part of the process is to establish that unit,’ he said.

Taxi drivers face changes even before that. Starting next month, taxi drivers will have to wear standard short-sleeved shirts that will serve as uniforms.

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