Taxi, tour operators get prepped

This week sees taxi and tour operators get trained in customer service and local knowledge in preparation for the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association Conference the end of next month.

The Department of Tourism is facilitating the workshops.

The conference, which takes place on Grand Cayman from 31 October to 3 November, should see some 1,000 overseas delegates visit Cayman, many of whom will be high profile cruise executives, foreign government representatives and those involved in the travel industry.

Minister for Tourism Charles Clifford said recently at the Tourism Conference, ‘The FCCA Conference is the single largest conference that the Cayman Islands have ever hosted and it is our opportunity to showcase everything that we have, and everything that we are’.

Director of Tourism and Chairperson of the Public Transportation Board Pilar Bush told a romance travel seminar held last week at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman that in preparation for the conference special service excellence training for public transportation providers has been commissioned.

An exercise of mystery shopping has been completed on these providers, she said, and Ms Bush had just received the report on this the previous week.

‘Based on those findings we’re going to develop minimum standards of service for Public Transportation providers in the Cayman Islands,’ she said.

She added that they are not just picking up an ISO set of standards, but they will look at what public transportation providers are already doing well and what they are not doing well. Then training is to be customised to meet that.

‘Our goal would be that there is a clear process by which you identify the true ambassadors from the people who simply have permission to operate as a taxi driver and we’re working out how we can do that,’ she said.

Ms Bush noted that training was to start on Monday, 25 September.

‘We have 380 taxi drivers and our goal is to get 200 of those trained first and foremost. It will be on local knowledge as well as on customer service,’ she said.

The Department of Tourism customer service workshop consists of part one, Discover Cayman and part two, Customer Service Standards of Excellence workshop. All taxi drivers, dispatchers and tour operators must attend one of both parts to graduate and become a Cayman Islands Ambassador of Hospitality, DoT says.

The workshops span this next two weeks.

To register contact 244 1249.

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