Watler’s Park to get facelift

The Young Cayman Community Awareness Society has come together with government to give Watler’s Road Park a new look.

At present, children play in a derelict plot, home to six swings, five of which are broken, with a fall area of uneven soil-dusted concrete and rocks.

The site is separated from the busiest intersection in Grand Cayman (next to the traffic lights between Eastern Avenue and West Bay Road) by a broken fence with unlimited access to cars and construction vehicles.

The plan is to rejuvenate the area into a fully functional, beautiful play park, fit for children of the community to play in a safe environment, said a press release from the group.

This will provide parents with the peace of mind that their children are able to enjoy themselves and have fun without the risk of danger and injury.

Built will be a US safety-approved playground, with an eye-catching, child-friendly surrounding area packed with fun games, shaded rest areas and aesthetically pleasing landscaping.

YCCAS approached the local community to assess the needs and aspirations of the local community for the previously derelict site. On hearing the proposal, they welcomed the project with open arms as a needed opportunity to rejuvenate the area.

Extended invitations to friends and associates also met with heart-felt proposal of how to make a big difference in the previously neglected children’s area of Watlers Road Community Park, next to the locally renowned area of Dog City, Eastern Avenue.

The projected completion date is Christmas 2006.

Project participants say they would like this to be a Christmas present to the children of the community

The project was started by young Caymanian Emily Davies, a woman prominent in the community and sports world of the Cayman Islands.

The Young Cayman Community Awareness Society is a group of like-minded people from all areas of the Cayman community with the sole aim of lending a hand to others in need.

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