Television show highlights Cayman

This week’s Spotlight illuminates a way to improve children’s chances at having happy futures; steps to keep the Sister Islands free from a devastating pest; the renaissance of Cayman’s libraries; and the role of a certain commission in assuring quality health care for everyone.

Spotlight is a new television programme that airs Mondays at 6:30 p.m. on Cayman 27, and again on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. on Island 24. Produced by Government Information Services, the weekly programme highlights the services and solutions available from government, about issues that concern and affect you, states a press release.

In the first segment, the Department of Counselling Services brings Family Day to the Cayman Islands. Originally launched in the US, this initiative has a proven history of changing the lives of young people for the better. Discover how simple acts increase the odds of your children enjoying positive and productive lives.

Next, the Department of Agriculture takes a stand to keep the pink hibiscus mealybug from invading the Sister Islands. Spotlight lets you in on what sorts of produce can and cannot make the trip, and provides travelling tips on how you can help keep this pest in its place.

Plus, Cayman’s libraries are coming back from the pummelling they took from Hurricane Ivan. Readers of all ages will want to know about the reopening of George Town Library, as well as the status of the rest of the Islands’ libraries.

There’s also a segment about the Health Practice Commission and its new registrar, Mrs. Shirline Henriques. She’ll talk about her role, and explain why the commission’s four councils are central to the quality provision of healthcare in Cayman.


Comments and suggestions about Spotlight are always welcome. Viewers can provide feedback by e-mailing the show’s producers on [email protected].

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