Heritage High School thanks local businesses

Steven Clarke, School Leader at Heritage High School, one of the four new schools on the George Hicks campus, expressed his gratitude this week to local businesses which have helped the new school establish itself successfully.

A host of local companies have offered support in a variety of different ways, following a campaign by Mr. Clarke to help businesses and the community feel part of the school, whilst assisting Heritage High in its acquisition of much needed resources to benefit students in their studies.

This approach to partnerships between the schools and the private sector is supported by the Ministry of Education, Training, Employment, Youth, Sports & Culture, said a press release from the Ministry.

Minister Alden McLaughlin responded to this private sector support by saying, ‘As part of the reform process we are trying to instill a sense of responsibility and accountability for students’ success among all facets of the community, as the performance of our education system impacts upon us all.

‘The generosity shown by these local businesses is demonstrative of just such a sense of community-mindedness, and I hope that this will encourage other businesses and individuals to feel similarly inclined to play a role in the success our students.’

Mr. Clarke said, ‘Heritage High School is very appreciative of this support, and of the links that have now been developed with these businesses.’

He added, ‘We hope to build on this in the future in a number of ways. We understand that these businesses can offer the benefit of their advice and experience to students, to enable them to be more aware of the skills they need to succeed in the work place.’

Support from the private sector came from Kirk Freeport, which supplied sports equipment; Majestic Tours, which provided furniture and fittings to make classrooms more comfortable; and ReMax, which provided ICT equipment. Classroom radios were donated by Mr. and Mrs. Peguero of Sounds and Things.

Mr. Clarke was especially appreciative of the ongoing support offered by Island Companies, and Majestic Tours. He explained, ‘We are very fortunate to have received generous support from Renard Moxam of Island Companies in a number of projects, one of which is the development of a garden area to be used by students and staff.’

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