Dr. Frank’s case adjourned

After appearing in Summary Court yesterday, former government minister Frank McField had charges against him adjourned for another week.

Defence Attorney Clyde Allen told Magistrate Grace Donalds that he had hoped he would get papers from the Crown, but had not received any.

He pointed out that he had to see the nature of the charges so that he could properly advise his client.

The charges related to allegations of disorderly conduct, obstructing and assaulting police, resisting arrest and threatening violence.

They all arose from an incident that occurred in the early hours of 15 September near a roadblock police had set up following a fatal accident in the vicinity of the Spotts Cable and Wireless exchange. Dr. Frank was brought to court the same day (Caymanian Compass, 18 September).

Crown Counsel Richard Barton Jr. advised that Senior Crown Counsel Andre Mon Desir was in charge of the matter and he was in Cayman Brac for Summary Court matters there.

Both parties agreed on the one week adjournment and the magistrate extended the defendant’s bail until then.

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