Rolling up – rolling down

Please allow me space in your paper to comment on a headline article published on Thursday, 28 September titled ‘Rollover solution in education’. The article refers to a comment made by Director of Employment Relations Walling Whittaker, as he attempted to defend the much contested rollover policy by commenting that he saw a further spin-off, which would allow Caymanians a window of opportunity to step up and be noticed.

I would like to know if he also sees an opportunity for Caymanians to step down and fill the positions which they themselves hire expats to fill. I’m speaking of the common labourers, the housecleaners, the nannies, the waiters and waitresses, dishwashers and gardeners. I’m speaking of the thousands of jobs that need to be filled, but God forbid a Caymanian would fill them.

Mr. Alden McLaughlin has said to the Caymanian people not to worry – ‘We will get more people to replace these workers!’ …. or so he says.

Does he, or any other supporter of the rollover policy truly believe that we will suddenly find the thousands of people to fill these jobs as many of them are deported next year? Does he honestly believe that new workers will flock to Cayman’s shores and pay exorbitant prices for rent, food, gas, telephone, electric and water? Will Mr. McLaughlin himself roll up his sleeves and wash his own clothes, or stay at home to raise his own children? I think not.

I am a Caymanian. This may lead you to ask why I bother to speak out in opposition to the new law as it will not affect me – but it does, greatly. My nanny is being deported next March. My nanny has helped to raise my son since he was born. My nanny loves my son and teaches him, protects him and plays with him. My nanny works for me so that I can go to work to increase this government’s coffers and serve this country’s industries.

Mr. McLaughlin and his fellow rollover supporters think I can easily replace her with a stranger, someone who has never set foot in Cayman, someone whom I know nothing about.

Obviously, these people have never truly loved their children.

Jennifer Wolfe

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