Construction under way at new brewery

The former building of the Stingray Brewery in Prospect is being transformed by contractors employed by the newly-formed Cayman Islands Brewery Ltd and in its place a new state-of-the-art brewery is being built under the guidance of German brewing consultants, Brewtech GmbH.

Hadsphaltic International and BCQS, both Caymanian companies in the construction business, have completed the removal of the old equipment, leaving the shell of the original building, stated a press release.

People driving past the brewery on Shamrock Road over the past few weeks may have seen the large stainless steel vessels being maneuvered into position by the cranes. These vessels are an integral part of the new brewing equipment manufactured by ApparateBrau Nordhausen, a famous brewhouse manufacturer in Europe.

Over the last two or three months this tailor-made equipment has arrived in Cayman by container ships from their factory in Nordhausen and the ABN team has followed and is handling its assembly.

These vessels play an important part in the process of producing beer. As each piece of the equipment is installed, it is one step nearer the company’s goal of producing its new Cayman lager beer, the release said.

This week the malt silo was set in position and was a cause for much celebration.

‘The malt silo is where the whole brewing process begins and its installation is a big step towards welcoming the new beer,’ said Oliver Wesseloh, the project manager seconded by the consultants, Brewtech.

The lager brewing process starts when the malted barley is milled into five grades of cracked malt, so that the natural enzymes within the malt can break down the starch into brewing sugars which play a vital part in the fermentation.

‘Our malt silo can hold up to 25 tonnes of barley malt and it is over 40 feet tall, so that by law it will need a red light on the top as a warning to small airplanes such as the one that does the mosquito spraying,’ continued Mr. Wesseloh.

The barley malt is delivered to the Cayman Islands in one tonne bags, making the long journey from Germany and England in containers until it is transferred into the silo.

The brewery is now turning its attention to constructing the laboratory which will monitor every stage of the brewing process from milling through brewing, fermenting and maturing to the final bottling, canning or into kegs.

Historically brewing was done largely by hand, but times have changed and now producing consistently high quality lager beer is very much a scientifically controlled process.

A sophisticated computer system will monitor and control the temperatures, pressures and timings at all stages.

These controls and techniques will see to it that the new brewery will be up to the standards of the best known breweries all over the world and that the new ‘Beer of Cayman’ will be every bit as good as the international favourites.

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