Maples continues Pines support

The Maples Foundation, a charitable organization established by leading local law firm Maples and Calder, recently contributed a further US$250,000 to the Pines Retirement Home.

Mrs. Haleemah Harling

Maples and Calder Managing Partner Julian Reddyhough hands over a check for US $250,000 to Mrs. Haleemah Harling of The Pines Retirement Home. Photo: Submitted

The donation is the third instalment in the Foundation’s US$1million pledge to the care facility in 2005, states a press release.

The Pines, a non-profit and charitable organization established to provide residential accommodation for the elderly, sustained considerable damage from Hurricane Ivan. Residents had to be evacuated to shelters as areas of the building were flooded in excess of four feet and the roof was severely damaged by wind and flying debris, resulting in the need for repairs to the existing building.

Subsequently, plans were made to construct a larger, more secure, state of the art building.

‘Here at The Pines, we are striving to obtain an environment suited to the care needs of the residents by upgrading various aspects of the Home, increasing space to provide privacy and also to provide a safe and secure environment. We are very grateful for the continued support and exceptional generosity of Maples & Calder, to whom the board of directors, staff and residents extend their heartfelt thanks,’ said The Pines Board of Directors.

The redevelopment of the Pines is an endeavour that the Maples Foundation views as being of tremendous community importance, as it is the primary retirement facility available to Cayman’s elderly.

Maples and Calder Managing Partner, Julian Reddyhough, a former Chairman of the Pines, said that this donation represented the second to last instalment of the US$1million commitment made by the Maples Foundation towards the redevelopment of the Pines. Mr. Reddyhough commented, “We have been delighted to assist the Pines with its redevelopment plans. However, much more funding is needed if these plans are to come to fruition. We do hope our contribution will encourage other material donations. One of the yardsticks for measuring a truly civilized society is the resource that society is prepared to devote to its elderly.”

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