Poll: About half would go to Boatswain’s

Almost half of the respondents in the latest caycompass.com online poll said they would visit the new Boatswain’s Beach/Turtle Farm attraction.

Forty-two respondents (14.2 per cent) said they would go the first chance they got, while 102 people (34.6 per cent) said they were sure they would go at some point.

‘I hear it’s very nice,’ commented one person.

‘It’s going to be great for the Cayman Islands,’ said another.

Tourists also expressed their excitement at the new and improved attraction.

‘We visit Cayman two times a year and see the Farm at least once,’ said one respondent.

‘I am an American who has had the wonderful opportunity to visit your country several times in the last year,’ said another tourist. ‘I will definitely go and visit the Turtle Farm again.’

Many respondents commented on the cost of admission.

‘I will go, but the price is a bit high for locals to visit on a regular basis,’ said one respondent.

‘It does seem expensive, but there is such a lack of things to do here,’ said another person.

In total, 39 respondents (13.2 per cent) said they would maybe go to Boatswain’s Beach/Turtle Farm if they had overseas visitors.

‘But never if they get dolphins,’ said one person.

Almost 40 per cent of the respondents said they would not go to the attraction.

Seventy people (23.7 per cent) said the park was just too expensive.

‘I have been and they charge too much and I’m never going back,’ said one person.

‘I went to the Turtle Farm and it’s too expensive for what is offered. [It’s] a waste of money.’

Another 42 respondents [14.2 per cent] said they were just not interested in going to Boatswain’s Beach/Turtle Farm.

‘The turtles are kept in disturbing conditions which are cruel and unsanitary,’ said one person. ‘It’s a huge shame that this in one of our island’s tourist attractions.’

‘See [turtles] in cramped, dirty conditions or in the beautiful ocean? It’s a no-brainer,’ said another person.

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