St. Ignatius launches fundraiser

Issues new CI$25,000 bill

St. Ignatius Catholic Church and School will issue a new CI$25,000 bill to one lucky winner just in time for Christmas.

Tickets for the St. Ignatius Christmas Fundraiser are on sale now for CI$25.

To motivate volunteers to help sell tickets, the person who sells the winning $25,000 grand prize ticket, wins the CI$2,500 Seller’s Prize.

Also, if a volunteer sells nine tickets, they can either sell the tenth ticket and keep the $25 ticket fee, or keep the tenth ticket for themselves for a chance to win the $25,000 grand prize plus the $2,500 seller’s prize for a grand total of $27,500, said a press release.

These ticket selling tactics are expected to create great enthusiasm from St. Ignatius stakeholders and the Cayman community resulting in what St. Ignatius hopes to become their largest fundraiser for the year.

Net proceeds will be split between the church and school. The church plans to invest proceeds on a variety of needed religious programmes, while the school plans to invest proceeds in the implementation of its school improvement plan.

In addition to the grand prize of CI$25,000, there is a second prize of CI$2,500, a third prize of US$2,500 and 25 fourth prizes of a one-of-a-kind St. Ignatius quill pen with lifetime warranty.

Tickets are available at St. Ignatius located at 597 Walkers Road and through staff, parents, students and many community supporters of the church and school.


Volunteers interested in selling tickets can contact church receptionist, May Ursua at 949-6797 or school receptionist, Kelly Brown, at 949-9250. For more information, contact the St. Ignatius Catholic Church or School, or via email to [email protected] or visit the school website at

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