Chuggers croak Frogs

Three games in six days didn’t faze the CIC Chuggers one bit as they won their fourth straight game on Monday with an 18-1 thumping of Senor Frogs.

‘We’re not as good and the Frogs aren’t as bad as the score indicated,’ said Coach Alan Markoff. ‘We just played our best game of the season.’

The Chuggers scored six runs in the second inning after there were two outs and nobody on base. They then came right back with six more runs in the third inning to put the game out of reach.

Pat Haag went 4 for 4 with a home run, 4 runs and 4 RBI, and Markoff went 3 for 3 with two home runs and 8 RBI for the Chuggers.

Neil Clements and Donnie House each had three hits and a home run for the Chuggers as well.

Clements and House both also played stellar defence to help the Chuggers shut the Frogs down with one run.

Christina Hefner also made a great play second base and scored two runs for the Chuggers.

‘We actually looked like we knew what we were doing out there,’ said Coach Markoff. ‘I guess we’re finally in mid-season form.’

Team owner, insurance mogul Kim ‘The Boss’ Awe, was pleased with the win, but stopped short of full praise.

’18 runs is good, but 20 would have been better,’ he said. ‘And giving up only one run is very good, but giving up no runs is even better. We need to strive for better.’

Chuggers third baseman Mark Wallace said he was surprised with his team’s good start to the season.

‘If you would have told me at the beginning of the season that this motley crew would be 5-1 after six games, I would have said ‘chicken wing on a string’!’

Wallace’s constant use of the phrase ‘chicken wing on a string’ during the game concerned Mr. Awe.

‘Jambalaya is one thing. It’s nutritious and delicious,’ he said. ‘But when Mark starts obsessing about deep fried chicken appendages on strings, I get worried.

‘I want Mark to live a long, healthy and happy life, just like I want for all my insurance clients.’

The Chuggers get nine days off before their next game against Deloitte on Wednesday.

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