Cayman fighters fare well in USA

The Palaestra Strategies team has come out strong in the fight world as two Cayman Islands competitors were earned medals in their first International Mixed Martial Arts competition. Trevor Howard of Maples and Calder and Leif Ristimaki of Aqua Beach recently fought in Miami Florida in a NAGA (North American Grappling Association) Fighter tournamen. This is the largest grappling tournament in the South Eastern United States.

The team members fought and defeated several of the toughest competitors in their respective divisions. Leif competed in the 30 yrs+ 175lbs Intermediate division.Trevor Howard competed in the Open 189.9lbs Advanced division.

Both fghters earned silver medals. The two began training together in the Cayman Islands just one year ago. Leif, a former Canadian Division I Hockey player was quick to learn under Trevor’s instruction, who brought 16 years of Mixed Martial Arts experience with him to Cayman. Although they lacked proper training equipment, including wrestling mats, the two were able to pull off stunning victories throughout the tournament.

The submission wrestling rules of the tournament allow for any style of grappling art. They are not discriminatory against any one style. There are no restrictions of techniques from arts such as Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu, Wrestling, Jeet Kune Do, Sambo and many more.

Wrestling is the world’s oldest sport being recorded in ancient Egypt and Greece. Throughout history, the goal of wrestling in every form is to control the opponent. For thousands of years, this control has been understood in four distinct ways: Take-Downs, Pinning, Throwing, and Submission. The greatest exhibition of control in all sports is by forcing your opponent to consciously submit. It is by this standard that NAGA contests are instantly won. The Palaestra Strategies has already begun training for their next competition in December. The team hopes to better there first efforts and to courageously and honorably represent the Cayman Islands on the international stage of Mixed Martial Arts.

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