Get a head start on the holiday season

Tips to avoid packing on the pounds

It’s that time of year again – the days begin to get shorter, routines are readjusted and the age-old battle between your waistline and getting off pounds before Christmas begins.

A head start on the holiday season

Life in Cayman provides so many opportunities for activity, its like living in one large natural outdoor gym. An easy option includes walking the beach.

Why the race for a diminishing waistline (and other body parts) speeds up at this time of year is anybody’s guess. Could it be the memory of last year’s frustrating epic shopping for that little black dress, now no longer a little number.

Maybe it’s the embarrassing moment of being congratulated about the impending birth of child, but there is no pregnancy. Maybe it’s the fact that your expanded belly now hides the shine on your new Clarke’s Wallabees.

For many, it’s the hope of rising out of mediocrity and finishing the year with a sense of achievement.

No matter what your motivation or impetus for slimming down and shaping up for Christmas, making small lifestyle changes that become anchored in healthy lifestyle patterns will ensure that you can lose weight without having to resort to drastic measures.

A realistic approach to weight loss ensures that you too can keep off the pounds without the annual yo-yo swing. I’ve kept off 87lbs for more than 25 years through this process.

It is not as difficult as it appears. It does require making a decision, setting goals, understanding obstacles, finding solutions and putting action to your intention. Without action, knowledge and intention bring no fruit.

By beginning anew today, you too can wave farewell to 2006 with fewer burdensome pounds, new enthusiasm, greater confidence and improved health.

Tips to help slim down for the holidays

Take a good look at the calendar, mark the number of weeks for your pre-Christmas program and verbalize or write down your intention.

Seek support, guidance and motivational inspiration from a lifestyles group meeting, corporate at-work program or private consultation series. Email today for information and scheduling.

If you are not currently active, begin. This does not have to impact your wallet in a major way. Life in Cayman provides so many opportunities for activity, it’s like living in one large natural outdoor gym. Easy choices include walking and beach walking. Swim or create your own style of mini-water aerobics close to shore with colourful noodles and paddle boards. Snorkel. Dive. Paddle a kayak or canoe. Ride a bicycle. Rake your beach. Rake your neighbour’s beach. Renew your commitment to gardening .Create your own weights by filling water bottles with sand. Show up and make use of your expiring gym membership. Take a dance class. Play games with your children. Join group sports. Take a daily walk with your spouse.

Healthy eating is imperative. Seek guidance and support to develop your own personal lifestyle program with Lifestyles with Donna. Weight loss encompasses all parts of being human, it’s not just about controlling food or getting active. It’s about all aspects of life – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Believe in yourself. The rewards to your physical body show up quickly. Mentally, you will feel alert and positive. Emotionally you will be balanced and comforted knowing that you are taking responsibility for yourself. Spiritually you will realize your greater potential.

Every day is a new beginning to a wise man or a wise woman. Make today a new beginning for yourself.

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