A blast from the past

Saving stamp promotion on

A new sales promotion, which will remind many residents of similar marketing techniques popular from the 1930s through the 1980s, is popping up all over Grand Cayman.

The Nationwide Cash Stamp Promotion offers consumers a chance to earn redeemable stamps by making purchases at participating establishments.

Unlike similar promotions elsewhere that offered only goods from a catalogue – like S & H Green Stamps in North America and Green Shield Stamps in the United Kingdom and Ireland – Nationwide Cash Stamps can be redeemed for $50 worth of any goods or services at any of the participating establishments.

The promotion is the brainchild of long-time Cayman resident Gerald Sykes, who as a young man in Yorkshire, England in the early 1970s, worked for Green Shield Stamps.

Mr. Sykes said he thought the Nationwide Stamp Promotion would also be a success here.

‘Everyone loves to win,’ he said. ‘If you are a shopper, you can be a winner.’

Grand Cayman shoppers can accumulate stamps on a range of goods or services, including groceries, gasoline, cloths, cosmetics, airline tickets, furniture and even dining out.

Nationwide Stamp General Manager Craig Muller said only a certain number of establishments from each category of business are enlisted to participate.

Mr. Muller said the company does not want to have too many competing stores participating in the promotion.

‘We only want one or two [stores] per category,’ he said.

The company’s goal is to have participants in every category of goods or services.

‘We want to have it where you get stamps for anything that you buy,’ he said. ‘Whenever you spend money, you should be able to get stamps.’

Mr. Muller stressed that consumers should not think they have to spend extra money to get the stamps.

‘They get the stamps for spending money on things they would have had to buy anyway,’ he said.

In general, consumers get one stamp per every $10 spent. Some places – like the Haagen Daz ice cream shops – give double stamps, and other places are giving triple stamps.

Caymanian Compass readers can also earn 10 free stamps per week simply by clipping the advertisement in every Tuesday or Thursday newspaper and taking it to any of the participating businesses.

Mr. Muller said consumers should get the stamps without asking for them.

‘We try to educate businesses to make it part of their routine, like giving a receipt,’ he said.

However, should the sales clerk fail to give the stamps, Mr. Muller said he encouraged consumers to ask for them.

Mr. Sykes said collectors could also get bonuses.

‘You could also get $1,000 bonus cash by finding five bonus stamps, which are located throughout the participating locations,’ Mr. Sykes said, explaining that when five bonus stamps are collected and pasted into the savings book, they are worth $1,000 cash.

The bonus stamps will be spread out among all the participating businesses.

‘Therefore, the more you shop at these participating locations, the greater opportunity you will have to find five bonus stamps,’ Mr. Sykes said.

The promotion has already attracted more than a dozen businesses, some with several locations. More businesses are joining weekly.

‘We are still seeking further quality businesses in various industry sectors to be part of the promotion,’ Mr. Sykes said.

Free savings booklets are available at every participating business.

Interested businesses should contact General Manager Craig Muller at 547-0278 or e-mail [email protected] for further information.

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