Today’s Editorial November 16: Thanks goes out for Countryside

For those of us who live in the Eastern Districts, life just got a little bit easier.

We have to give thanks to Heritage Holdings and the entire Burke family.

They’ve seen to it that Phase I of Countryside Shopping Village is open at Savannah.

And this is just no ordinary shopping village.

This one has major anchor stores including AL Thompson’s, Foster’s Food Fair and Cayman National Bank.

The opening of these retailers and banks mean that those who live on the east part of Grand Cayman won’t necessarily have to drive all the way into George Town to fetch a bag of nails, buy a loaf of bread or make a CNB deposit.

While a trip into George Town may seem like a trivial thing, those who make the trek from the east do so knowing they’ve blown most of their day as they fight traffic and parking lot jams.

The shopping village was sorely needed at Savannah, which is one of – if not the – fastest growing consumer areas on Grand Cayman.

The designers and developers of Countryside are also to be commended.

Countryside was built using Cayman style accents that fit neatly into the surrounding neighbourhood.

Basically, the shopping village just looks good and inviting.

A strip centre could easily have been built on the six acres that Countryside comprises, ensuring store fronts that faced a wide open unfriendly parking lot.

Instead Countryside designers employed spaces that just make you want to meander.

Add to that the beautiful fountain in the middle of the centre and you have much more than just a place to shop; you have a place to meet.

We wish the retailers and services in Countryside all the best.

We’re sure it will be a pleasant experience to shop Countryside.

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