Dive programme has history

During the early hours each morning for the past month many Caymanians saw our Canadian students on their morning run as the staff took them through their paces with the Canadian flag held high.

This letter was written to highlight the long history that our dive college has enjoyed with the Cayman Islands.

The PDT programme is a 24-week full-time course of study offered through the Career Development Division of Diving Dynamics.

The PDT programme is a flagship course of study and this year it enters its 20th year of full-time operation. It was first in 1990 that our college first began its overseas training component and we have never looked back since.

Since the inception of the PDT programme a significant number of our graduates have made the Cayman Islands their home. Some graduates are approaching their 19th year in support of either the Cayman diving or marine industry. Our success has not been without the significant support of some of Cayman’s most well known diving centers.

It must be noted that Sunset House Divers, Don Foster’s Dive, Dive Tec, Eden Rock and Red Sails Sports have been with us each step of the way.

These facilities as well as others have generously enabled our students to participate in internships that have provided the critical link between the educational arena and the world of diving.

There is no doubt that the world is a different place as we all read and see the current events of the world.

Now more than ever the global relationships that have formed within the diving industry are critical as we approach a new era in the business of diving.

Owners, dive colleges, dive operations managers, senior divers and the new divers beginning a career centered on adventure are faced with a more complex business model than years of the past.

It will take the commitment of the local Cayman dive economy and their partnerships abroad to begin to carefully steer the direction of the industry to insure sustainable growth.

An essential key that owners are recognizing is that is takes business savvy, resources and commitment of dive professionals to enable this growth. PDT graduates are part of this commitment.

I would like to challenge the professional community of Grand Cayman to take some time out and talk with your local dive operation managers and invite them to be part of your community as this link is critical.

Watch for us in the spring as PDT returns to South Church Street for another round. Thank-you Grand Cayman for all the support you have provided.

Vern Johnston – Diving Dynamics

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