Congratulations to North Side

Please allow me space in your newspaper to congratulate the Chairman, Mr. Mel McCoy, of the North Side Heritage day and his team of volunteers on their winning best district and over all best float at this years Pirates Week Landing.

It has been several years since the district won the float parade and the victory on Saturday was enjoyed by many within the community.

A design depicting our North Side Heritage, built with North Side materials and by North Side hands will always produce North Side Pride.

Special thanks and recognition needs to be extended to Frank McCoy and Jeff Ebanks for all the carpentry work, Brie Ebanks, Audrey Whittaker and Archie Whittaker for their artistic talents and Marcia Hulse, Angie Ebanks and Sarah Ebanks for the many days and nights of providing fry fish, fritters and cassava! You all made it happen!

Others needing to be recognized include Justin Ebanks for the finishing touch to the boat shed and his many other talents!! Douglas Ebanks, Ariel Whittaker (donation of fish), Mitchell McCoy, Charlie Whittaker, Vaughn Whittaker, Stanley Panton, North Side Kitchen Band, our children Rowena Scott, Sabrina Ebanks, Brandon Ebanks, Richard Ebanks and Leah Hulse.

As discussed prior to the parade, the bridging of the generation gaps with one project had made us winners, now the results are in…we are number one!! It is time now to pull together once again and win the Heritage day as well.

Joey Ebanks

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