Quincy sey…!

Talk Caymanian
By: Quincy Brown

Year: 2000

Da Caymanian Talk – wa a sweet talk
No one should be shame
Children no longa talk it
Ah wonder who we kin really blame

We gaw teach an we gaw preach
Let’s keep on talking de talk
Pooding pan, grata- spoon an folk

Times is change yes
every generation is different
but don’t sell what is good
only to get second bes

Be proud ta call unna self a Caymanian
Ya sista, ya brodda an ya companion

Now tell me som’ting- why should we want ta talk like dem putting um up on pedestal sellin our souls fa da dolla oh what a sin

Black white chinee lookin
Notty or Indian hair- it don’t
Matter who ya is- talk Caymanian, be Caymanian

Lets don’t bodder ta fight
If we all live in love
Ya ga see we all could unite

We is three islands in da Caribbean
Comin to come
But lord it pain my heart wen ah see
My people on de street looking like bum

De ritch will get richa-an de poor will get poora Hard time surely comin here again Cum mama, cum papa-cum frien

I na gaw no pile ah money, gold silva or a medallion Bit I is proud to call myself a Caymanian.

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