Divetech pro advances

Nat Robb, Scuba Diving Instructor Trainer with Divetech in Grand Cayman, recently returned from an intensive eight-day instructor trainer course at SDI/TDI World HQ in Topsham, Maine, US.

During this course, Nat completed a curriculum to become an instructor trainer (IT) with TDI and SDI, a well known scuba certification agency.

This accomplishment positions Divetech in another leadership role in the Caribbean, being one of only 16 TDI Professional Development Centers (PDC) in the world, able to offer not only scuba courses but also instructor level training for dive professionals seeking to become instructors, said a press release.

Two instructor trainers are required in order to be a PDC, one that teaches the courses and the second that evaluates the candidates. In this manner, a balanced system works to insure quality and professionalism. The second SDI/TDI IT at Divetech is Nancy Easterbrook.

With Cayman’s warm water, clear visibility and awesome walls, it is an ideal location for new and advanced divers to explore the underwater world.

‘Divetech has always been committed to continuing education for our staff and for customers – from the entry level of learning to scuba dive to the more advanced and professional levels. Nat was already an IT with other training agencies and this investment allows us to keep current with all offerings that customers and professionals may seek,’ said Nancy Easterbrook, Managing Partner of Divetech.

‘Divetech has always been on the leading edge of diver training in the Caribbean,’ stated David Burroughs, VP of Sales and Marketing for SDI/TDI.

‘Nat attending the IT workshop now places Divetech as one of the leader in all levels of professional diver education in the Caribbean. We are very excited about our ongoing relationship with Divetech.’

Nat Robb enjoyed the course and commented: ‘It is always great to learn again, no matter how much experience you have. The course was very well put together. Our time was fully used and divided into standards, risk management, ethics, paperwork, procedures and most importantly evaluations.

‘We all did a lot of presentation evaluations in the classroom and in the water. The mix of SDI/TDI Instructors that taught the program included SDI/TDI headquarters staff, current instructor trainers, the UK regional manager, and others. It was a good mix and prompted many good discussions.

‘There was also a good mix of technical, recreational and public safety divers in the 6 of us taking the program. I think everyone put a lot into it and got a lot out of the program,’ he said.

Nat was awarded the following IT ratings upon successfully completing the programme: TDI Advanced Trimix, Trimix, Extended Range, Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, Nitrox Diver, Nitrox Gas Blender, SCR Drager Dolphin, CCR Inspiration, CCR Inspiration Mixed Gas, CCR Inspiration Advanced Mixed Gas, CCR Evolution, CCR Evolution Mixed Gas, CCR Evolution Advanced Mixed Gas, CCR Kiss, CCR Kiss Mixed Gas and SDI (Recreational).

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