Goodies for a good cause

When Red Bay Primary students had to decide what to do with several hundred dollars collected during their school bake sales, the choice of caring was a natural one – the children decided to donate the $385 dollars to residents with serious illnesses.

Kathy Gonzalez

Year Five student Kathy Gonzalez enjoys a cupcake. Photo: Submitted

While cancer patients in the Cayman Islands may be surprised to know that primary-school children have their health and well-being at heart, the Year 5 classes were sensitised to this health issue during the month of October, which was observed as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

With the help of parents, grandparents and other relatives and friends, the three class groups baked cupcakes, cookies, cakes and other goodies, and sold them at the school.

Expressing her delight at the donation, Cancer Society General Manager Christine Sanders said, ‘This is a great effort by these children, and I commend them. This was a total surprise.’

The teachers who coordinated the project – Simone Goubault, Cetonya Cacho and Wilsome Dawes – noted that their students were made aware of the seriousness of the issue during presentations that Ms Sanders made at the school.

Ms Sanders noted that the Cancer Society assists between 12 and 15 cancer patients each year, offering support and guidance, as well as helping to finance a range of medical expenses – from medicines and treatment to airline travel.

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