Chuggers keep chuggin’ along

The CIC Chuggers extended their winning streak to six games with two victories over the past two weeks.

The hot-hitting Chuggers first overwhelmed Deloitte 22-7 and then gave the Lone Star Ligers their first defeat of the year 18-9 last week.

‘We’ve been smacking the ball pretty much all year, but particularly so recently,’ said Coach Alan Markoff. ‘I just hope we can keep it up through play-offs.’

In the game against Deloitte, the Chuggers broke open a close 10-7 game by scoring 8 runs in the bottom of the fourth inning.

Pat Haag hit two home runs and Alan Markoff, Neil Clements and John Rhynold all hit one home runs.

Christina Hefner hit a home run too, but she out of steam and stopped at third base for a two-run triple instead.

Heather ‘Soon to be Haag’ Noggle added two hits and Sandro Felippe had a big two-run triple for the Chuggers.

‘I hit that ball good, didn’t I?’ asked Felippe after the hit, as if he wasn’t sure.

Against the Ligers, the Chuggers once again had a big inning, something they’ve been very good at all season. This time the Chuggers opened the game with 7 runs in the top of the first inning and the Ligers were playing catch-up the rest of the game.

Mark Wallace led of the game with a home run, and Donnie House and Heather Noggle tripled during the big first inning.

The Chuggers turned in some defensive gems during the game, with Donnie House and Christina Hefner both flashing the leather in the infield.

Down 14-0 at one point, the Ligers resorted to a new tactic by trying to take Chuggers’ pitcher Alan Markoff out of the game with a little smash-mouth base running. Markoff, who was bowled over trying to catch an infield pop-out, came down hard but stayed in the game. However, he did walk two straight batters to get a Ligers rally going.

‘I basically couldn’t see straight,’ said Markoff. ‘And I hadn’t even had one beer yet.’

Chugger’s owner, insurance mogul Kim ‘The Boss’ Awe cautioned his team not to become too cocky, especially in light of the near injury to Markoff.

‘All it takes is one bad break, and the best laid plans of softball teams and men can often go awry,’ he said. ‘This is why I always stress mortgage protection to clients, because you just never know what could happen.’

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