Kudos to stamp reductions

The members of the Legislative Assembly are to be congratulated on further stamp duty reductions, which will be of immense benefit to our Caymanian population.

This will no doubt dramatically encourage Caymanians from all walks of life to realize the ultimate dream of owning their own properties and residences, which is the strongest incentive applicable to the stability of families and especially children and future generations, in order to be raised in a safe secure and permanent environment that ownership will provide.

The hands on outstanding and fast forward implementation associated with this landmark, and far reaching legislation by our legislators augers well for present and future generations, and indicates that a clear and precise understanding of the needs of our Caymanian people, by our legislation is evident.

Perhaps more importantly, this showcases the decisive action and resolve of all members of our legislature to identify and speedily address important considerations impacting the broad spectrum of the needs of our society and to not leave any Caymanian disenfranchised in their Island nation.

Well done legislators.

Curtis Eldemire
Vice president,
Tropical Real Estate Ltd.
Member Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association

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