Don’t sully the Brac

Please think Cruise ships in Cayman Brac thoroughly.

It’s bad enough you have destroyed Grand Cayman for the sake of money, please do not start the dollar degradation of the Sister Islands.

We do not need another Miami, Grand Cayman!

These two islands are all you have left of the way it use to be.

Be considerate in growing the Islands, if this goes forward limit the number of people allowed to trample over this pristine heaven on Earth.

Do not allow corporate chains to set seed on the islands but develop the local flair to enhance the economy of the people there.

I would much rather see developing better incoming flights to grow the stay-over business of people who respect and cherish the quiet and natural surroundings than the docking and stampede of the tourist who view the Brac as disposable six-hour private playgrounds!

Think twice and do it right please!

Jim Mihalic

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