Today’s Editorial November 21: Cruise ships to Cayman Brac

News that cruise tourism may become a reality on Cayman Brac is welcomed.

And not.

It is a given that many Brackers want to see cruise ship visitors come to their shores.

There is no doubt that cruises to the Brac would create jobs and help bolster the economy.

That’s the good news.

It is our sincere hope that much thought goes into the decision making process before cruise ships are allowed on Cayman Brac.

It is such a pristine place.

We do not want to give up a beautiful island in paradise for the sake of the dollar.

Member of the Legislative Assembly Moses Kirkconnell is to be commended for his Brace presentation to Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association conference members when they were on Grand Cayman earlier this month.

He truly has the concerns and care of Cayman Brac at heart.

Cruise ships to the Brac would give cruise ship visitors another port of call when visiting the Cayman Islands.

The idea is to route some of the smaller ships there, which is good.

The Brac is too small to inundate with thousands of cruisers at one time.

Still to be worked out are where, exactly, the cruise ships would anchor and where cruisers would disembark.

And the decision must be made to how often cruise ships would be allowed to dock.

Divers familiar with the Cayman Islands know that some of the best diving is off Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

We must ensure that the pristine waters there remain as such.

Cruise ships anchoring off Grand Cayman have caused some damage to the coral reef systems here and we must make sure that doesn’t happen in Cayman Brac.

Tourism Minister Charles Clifford and Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts have assured us that any decision to take cruise ships to Cayman Brac won’t be made lightly.

The decision will have to be a fine balancing act between the economic needs of the Brac and the care of the environment, both on and off shore.

We put the decision in their capable hands and pray that the right choice will be made.

If indeed one of the Sister Islands is going to be presented to the cruise ship world, let’s make sure that the island is ready for this invasion with the proper infrastructure – taxis, tours, etc. – and the first visits to that island are memorable for all the right reasons. It will take some serious overall planning.

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