Alex Alexander Memorial Rugby League

The second round of the Waterford Private Residence Club Alex Alexander Memorial League took place on Saturday at the SSG with the Don Foster Dive Iguanas taking on the HSBC u19 Academy @ 2:30and the Cayman Storm taking on the Queensgate Pigs trotters @ 4pm.

The Don Fosters Dive Iguanas proved too strong for the weakened HSBC U19 Academy overcoming them by 60 points to 12. The HSBC U19 Academy suffered from injuries and unavailability’s of some of their leading players but while the score escalated throughout the match the young Cayman players also upped their levels and never gave up scoring two late tries and tackling hard all day long. The Don Fosters Dive Iguanas showed that they are once again the team to beat this year with a smooth display of slick handling and sharp running lines. Superstar Chris Bunce was on fire with team mate Mark Colless supplying endless amounts of space and time with deft passes and tactical kicking. Captain Jon Rew was delighted with the way his team is shaping up and later stated that he thinks this year they have it all right for the double league and cup championship.

In the second match The Queensgate Pig Trotters opened their season against the Cayman Storm. Steve Clark broke the deadlock after a grueling 20 minutes of hard physical rugby with a penalty for the Storm. Adams added a further three a few minutes later with a drop goal. The Queensgate Pigs Trotters soon came back with a score of their own from Joe Margison and the bruising first half came to an end Storm 6 Pigs Trotters 5. The second half became even more physical with both teams battling themselves almost to a standstill both teams exchanged penalties and the final result was the Queensgate Pigs Trotters 8 and the Cayman Storm 9. Without doubt one of the best games at the SSG in a long while both teams exhausted themselves and their options to the max.

So after two rounds the Iguanas have maximum 8 points at the top of the table gaining a second bonus point while the Storm remain unbeaten with sevens points the Pigs with 1 and the Buccaneers and the Academy yet to get on the table. Next Saturday in the Waterford Private residence Club League trophy the BPC Buccaneers take on the HSBC U19 Academy at 2:30 while the Queensgate Pigs Trotters take on the unbeaten Don Fosters Dive Iguanas at 4:00 pm

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