Too much dust

I came down to Grand Cayman this past week for Pirate’s Week.

Great time, well done, and great weather, so the date change worked…..on another note, I was very upset with the constant dust and dirt storms in North Side.

The protective barricade we put up while the water company trenched, laid pipe and packed the dirt back down, did little to keep the dust and dirt off the landscaping, house and cars.

They really should put asphalt patch down immediately after they place the pipes and fill.

Weeks after they pack the dirt back down we get the dust and dirt storms from the traffic, except when it rains – then it is mud and potholes!

I do not mind the work they are doing. It will be nice to have city water, but please use common sense and asphalt patch as you go.

Vince Macaluso

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