Today’s Editorial November 28: Go to Gimistory this week

Looking for something to do this week?

Find a Gimistory venue and head that way.

If you’ve never been to Gimistory, you’ll be amazed and delighted at what you find at the annual storytelling festival.

Each year this time old Anansi comes back to life as stories of the spider are retold to the delight of those who have revelled in them before and to those who have no clue who Anansi is.

He will be explained, to be sure.

And while duppies don’t actually come back to life – they’re already spirits – those who attend Gimistory and listen to duppy tales will swear they see one or two of the creatures lurking in the bush.

Gimistory takes us all back to a simpler time before telephones, televisions and radios; long before Internet, cell phones and pagers.

Back in the day family and friends entertained each other on front porches or under the almond tree telling stories and weaving tales.

Many times this was done while munching on fried fish and fritters, washing them down with swanky.

The fare and special lemonade will be on hand this week as Gimistory continues in backyards and on beaches.

Gimistory affords you a chance to escape from reality for a couple of hours and revel in the stories of times gone by.

It’s a product of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation and one that we should all avail ourselves of.

Gimistory features great local storytellers like Nasaria Suckoo-Cholette, Quincy Brown and Sookie and Zekiel.

Fritz McPherson is blessing us with his presence again this year. And 19 other storytellers are in Cayman to keep us entertained.

Today finds Gimistory at Heritage Park in Cayman Brac. It’s back on Grand Cayman at Bodden Town Primary School Courtyard Wednesday and at East End Public Beach Thursday.

West Bay Public Beach is the venue Friday and Gimistory winds up Saturday at Smith Cove off South Church Street. All performances begin at 7pm.

So gather up granny, gramps, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, friends and lovers and find a Gimistory venue near you.

Go and hear these wonderful masters weave their tales. You’ll be glad you did.

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