Today’s Editorial November 29: Brac pets get chance at survival

Pet lovers in the Brac are most certainly embracing some long expected news.

The Brac branch of the Cayman Islands Humane Society has been given permission to build a storm shelter for animals.

Noah’s Ark will be able to handle 150 dogs, cats, birds and two handlers during severe weather.

Having a place to take pets when evacuation orders have been issued during a hurricane is so important.

More often than not homeowners refuse to leave their homes during severe weather because they are leery about leaving behind their beloved animals.

Animals are not allowed in public hurricane shelters.

By staying home with their pets, they are putting their lives in danger.

Throughout the region animals are given a second thought – if that – when hurricanes threaten.

Of course human life must be considered more important that that of animals, but when people start putting their lives in danger to save a pet, some thought should probably go into the matter.

And that’s exactly what has happened on the Brac.

Members of the Humane Society there saw the desperate need to find a place for pets to assure their owners of the animals’ safety.

They realized that for many people pets are part of the family, like children, especially elderly residents in the Brac.

We think it’s time for similar action to take place on Grand Cayman.

Many of us remember all to well friends who wouldn’t evacuate their sea-side homes during Hurricane Ivan in 2004 because of their concern for their pet’s safety.

Building a shelter for pets isn’t cheap, as the Brac Humane Society is discovering.

That group still needs another $4,000, at least, to see the project come to fruition.

But the money spent will be well worth it in the end when a storm hits and pet owners have a secure, safe place to take their animals.

If one human life is saved because of a proper shelter for pets, then the money will indeed have been well spent.

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