Butterfield employees get active

This fall, Butterfield Bank is working in partnership with its health insurer Generali Worldwide to help improve employee health.

Bank employee

Bank employees get active at the first Butterfield Bank & Generali Day Out with support from Red Sail Sports and Fitness Connection. Photos: Submitted

Butterfield Bank is piloting Generali’s Be Active & Eat Smart campaign in the workplace at its branch locations and Butterfield House.

‘This project is a cooperative effort between Generali Worldwide and Butterfield Bank. When Generali approached us about integrating the ‘Be Active’ program in the workplace, we were very excited to participate and help them pilot what could become part of their standard health insurance offering for clients around the Island,’ Elizabeth DePledge, Human Resources, Butterfield Bank, said in a press release.

Generali is currently working on measuring health improvement and adherence to healthy behaviors as a result of education and activity programs that could potentially be integrated into their health insurance plans.

‘One of the great advantages we have as an insurer is access to information – health trends, claims statistics – all kinds of information that can help to demonstrate the value of choices when it comes not only to health care, but preventative care as well,’ said Jennifer Williams, Be Active program manager and Generali/Cayman Insurance Centre representative.

‘It is our hope that by giving people access to information and events that encourage them to be more active and make smarter health choices that they will take charge of their own health and see improvement in health over time.’

The program kicked off in mid-October with fitness and nutrition presentations by Laura Ribbins, Fitness Connection and Andrea Hill, Nutritionist, who are collaborating with Generali to develop guidelines and health information for the project.

Worksite presentations, signage, materials and events all support the ongoing message – that many issues related to our health and well-being are a matter of choice.

Laura Ribbins from Fitness Connection commented, ‘We know that each of us can do something to improve our own health. No matter where each person is on the health spectrum – whether they’re a long time exerciser, a sometimes dieter, or just trying to get the motivation to get off the couch and get moving – we can each do something every day to make a change to improve our health for the long term.’

The Butterfield Bank Be Active & Eat Smart program will continue in pilot form through early 2007 as Generali studies the impact of the program on behavior change and evaluates the longer term potential of including even more coverage for preventative services and incentives in its health insurance plans.

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