7-Mile Vice

Who would have known that District 6 could be home to gales of laughter as well as the islands hottest music.

A Random Ill Conceived Sketch Comedy Group: Created in Haste (Cayman) Ltd’s debut show, 7-Mile Vice, tickled the funny bones of audiences, as it took over the venue for its three nights run last week.

The show, which took an expatriate view of life in Cayman, included a clever mix of pre-taped videos alongside traditional staged sets, with John Graham Taylor, Teri Bilewitch, Raine Parsons-Wright, Judy Singh and David O’Donnell all putting in strong performances.

Although some technical difficulties resulted in a few dropped lines, the show’s quick pace and well-written script ensured ample laughs.

Popular sketches included Conch on a Bus – a spoof of the movie Snakes on a Plane – and Tortuga Rum Cake. Without a doubt the newscast sketch proved the most popular, leaving audience members in fits of laughter as the group put a comedic spin on news stories over the past year.

The only disappointment was the show’s limited run. With its obvious success -all three nights were sold out – a few extra nights would have allowed more to savour this thoroughly enjoyable show.

Thanks to the show’s success the group hope to put on the performance early next year, with an entirely new show planned for mid 2007. Undoubtedly both will prove equally successful

Proceeds from the show benefited the National Charitable Volunteer Organisation.

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