BodyTalk workshop set

If you weren’t one of the 60 students in the last BodyTalk Access class at the red crossing Building in September, you have one last change to learn this method of tapping into your body’s own natural healing powers.

Robyn Whatley-Kahn, International BodyTalk instructor, is once again donating a free class in Grand Cayman – this time on Saturday, 9 December.

Ms Whatley-Khan is donating the class, worth $125 per person, as a community service before she leaves the island. All that is required is a $30 fee to cover the workbook, snacks, and to reserve a seat. Capacity is 60 and seats are reserved on a first phone-call basis.

The class takes place at the Red Cross Building from 9.30am to 5.30pm and is one day of learning the five BodyTalk Access techniques which are easy, safe, all natural and non-invasive. They are basically a compact version of the profound health care system BodyTalk system, which is spreading rapidly around the world.

Having attended the September class and been singled out as the random person for Ms Whatley Kahn to demonstrate a professional BodyTalk system session on, it was a highly interesting and beneficial experience resulting in relief from pain I had been experiencing since a recent fall, and the absence of any pain since.

Each participant responded to the BodyTalk Access class in their own way.

Here are a few of the comments form the students of the September class (ages 8 – 82):

‘I took my mommy’s headache away with the cortices (brain balancing technique). I really liked making my mommy feel better.’ (age 8);

‘I have been suffering from a shoulder pain where I couldn’t lift my arm up past my belly button…..Halfway through the class I noticed I could life the arm about my head.’;

Another reads, ‘All teachers should be exposed to this workshop.’

Ms Whatley-Kahn explains how BodyTalk has touched her and others. ‘I have been in the alternative health care business for over 25 years and until BodyTalk, I had never found on modality that encompassed, enhanced, and facilitated the body to heal so profoundly and rapidly on all levels physically and emotional – naturally.

‘Daily, I am humbled by the Clients health turn-a-rounds, and constantly in awe of the body’s God given innate-inner ability to heal when given the change for enhanced communication using the BodyTalk system techniques.’

The class involved practical exercises as well as town snack breaks (snacks provided) plus a lunch break, which each participant is responsible for themselves.

Participants will be getting BodyTalk Access session all day long as well as practicing what they learn. At the end of the class a BodyTalk Access ‘Technician’ certificate is presented to each participant.

Ms Whatley-Kahn explains that if you, or anyone you care about, suffers from the ‘compromises’ of life such as hyperactivity, Add, pains after a car accident, hot flushes, inability to lose weight, insomnia, fibro-myalgia, bad health after a surgery, circulatory problems, migraines and/or stress then Access can help.

‘BodyTalk’ addresses and enhances the ‘innate inner wisdom’ of the body to heal naturally,’ she said. ‘Much like an orchestra with no conductor, our body reacts similarly when it’s been compromised with falls, surgeries, accidents and stress.

‘BodyTalk’ is like the conductor that facilitates and enhances all the body’s parts and systems to be ‘in tune’ and ‘communicating on the same page’. Thus, your body starts ‘talking’ again and your ability to regain and retain optimum health is more rapid, naturally.’

The website explains: ‘BodyTalk can be used as a stand-alone health system to treat many health problems or seamlessly integrated into any existing health care system to increase its effectiveness and promote faster healing.’

Ms Whatley Khan notes that people have reported, to name a few : weight loss, absence of migraines, sense of clear headedness, sense of clam and well being, aches and pains gone, better complexion, better memory and focus and increased ability to study.

The ability to use ‘fast aid’, an Access technique, to handle bee stings, fire ant bites, fingers slammed in doors, stroke, shock, and heart attacks is greatly appreciated by students. As one testimonial from Germany stated. ‘You will never feel ‘helpless’ again’.

The five Access techniques are:

Cortices (neo-cortex brain) – balancing which aids memory, calmness, focus, retention or information, aids sense of well being;

Switching – a basic dyslexia technique for co-ordination and better retention of information and ability to cope with stress;

Hydration – balancing water metabolism which benefits weight loss, chronic fibro-myalagia, digestive problems, and poor complexion;

Body Chemistry – addresses, colds, flu, food intolerances, allergies, toxins and infections.

Reciprocals – deals with the muscular/skeletal framework which is good for rebalancing the body after injuries, falls or surgery;

First Aid – a combination of several of the techniques used for any emergency situation while waiting for 911 first responders.

Whether you are a lay person with no prior experience of a professional health care provider, this is a chance to learn something new, easy and useful. Call 947-1139 or 329-408- for sear reservations.

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