Lobster season opens

Lobster season opens today.

The season runs for three months and will close on the last day in February – Wednesday, 28 February.

The following limits are in place for those catching lobster:

Three lobsters per person or a total of six lobsters per boat per day – whichever is less.

The tail of the lobster cannot be less than six inches long.

Only ‘Spiny Lobsters’ can be taken.

In addition, people should be aware that no-one is allowed to purchase, receive or posses any lobsters taken from the Cayman waters which are greater in amount than the prescribed limits; you can only buy or be in possession of what you are allowed to catch. So, one person can buy three lobsters in one day. This applies to both people and businesses.

There are also restrictions on where to collect lobsters and the manner in which they are caught. No lobster may be taken from any Marine Park, Replenishment Zone or Environmental Zone.

The use of spear guns which includes hook sticks, pole spear, Hawaiian sling or any similar instrument that pierces the marine life is not allowed to be used in any sound or lagoon or in any water less than 20 feet deep. In addition, all spear guns, hook sticks etc are required to be licensed by the Department of Environment.

The marine unit along with the DoE will be carrying out operations and checks throughout the season to ensure that these Marine laws are abided by. Anyone caught breaking the law will be dealt with accordingly.

Conch and whelks

In addition, the RCIPS would like to remind people that the open season for conch and whelks started 1 November and runs until 30 April. The following laws are in place in relation to conch and whelks:

Conch catch limits: 5 per person or ten per boat, whichever is less

Whelk catch limits: 2.5 gallons of whelk in shells or 2.5 pounds of whelk without shells per day


For more information contact the Department of Environment:

Mail: P. O. Box 486 GT Grand Cayman

Telephone: 345-949-8469, Fax: 345-949-4020

VHF: Channel 10

Email: [email protected]