Cayman’s environment threatened

I moved to Grand Cayman last February and was delighted to find an apartment near Smith’s Cove – one of the beaches featured in the tourist brochures!

Unfortunately I have found that Smith’s Cove has far too much garbage and broken glass for me to really enjoy the stunning and unusual beach. I rarely go there and it is a shame.

While I was shocked to discover that there is no recycling on the island, I was also shocked to hear that dolphinariums were coming to the island. Wow, talk about wasting away a pristine and natural environment!

Filling our landfills with garbage that can be reused, reduced, recycled and putting dolphin holding facilities in with little regard to the damage this will do to the reefs around the island!

Cayman is my temporary home, I am from New York. But the beauty of this island is being taken for granted by those who call this island home and I am deeply saddened by this.

When I go home to New York, I think, ‘it’s so dirty here!’ I would hate to think Cayman will one day be like this as well.

I hope that the new government protects both the underwater and land-based beauty that still exists here.

It’s not too late, but it may be in a few years!

Eleni Vlahakis

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