Roll them over faster

Please allow me space in your paper to express my concern about what is now taking place in our little Islands.

First of all, this rollover policy should apply to all regardless of whomever it relates to; government and the private sector as a whole.

What I have seen is that when peoples’ work permit time is almost expired, they are strategically going into government work such as police and other departments in government as a way of hiding from being caught up with the rollover policy.

Regardless of whether they are employed one day and subject to the roll-over policy the next day, they should still be given notice to leave. This is where many problems are now coming from; from civil servants.

All our government departments need to institute a probationary system for all who are ever employed with them. I recommend a probation period of two years with a review every six months and as long as the employee’s performance is adequate, a further six months be granted. In this way, our government will not have to pay out such huge amounts of money and if anything occurs within those two years, then Government will not be responsible for any loss or payment because the employee did not complete his contract.

Furthermore this situation is only keeping our Caymanian people out of work, regardless of whether they can do it or not; especially when friends who cannot get jobs in their own countries are brought in. If security guards have to come here and work for $5 an hour, they need to stay in their own country and work for $4 and be of some use because their country needs them and they will benefit their country more than being in these islands. All they are doing is clogging up our infrastructure.

It is up to our Government to see that our people are placed in jobs.

I visited the Bahamas and the only people in government are Bahamians and the hotels and taxis are all controlled by Bahamians. There were no expats and everyone has to comply with their rules.

Those who lived there for 20 years and even had children born there and house possession have had to leave. They could not suggest anything, were packed up and forced to leave.

Soon and very soon, we will see the goats departing from the sheep and if the goats have no respect for the sheep then leave and don’t return to my islands in the sun; go elsewhere.

Keep up the good work PPM, for I stand behind you and most of the people in the Cayman Islands. Kurt, Lady Edna, Alden, Arden, Clifford, Anthony and all the elected members of Government, you all have done a justifiable job to keep this ship on good course.

Lorenzo Berry

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