Humane Society issues poison warnings

The Cayman Islands Humane Society is issuing a warning to all dog owners to keep their animals in their control at all times after two poisonings, using the chemical Paraquat, were discovered last week by veterinarians.

Unfortunately the poisonings resulted in the death of the two dogs.

Paraquat is an agent typically used for grass and weed control but because of its level of toxicity, farmers must have permission from Department of Agriculture to use it. Paraquat will gradually liquefy internal organs after ingestion resulting in a slow and painful death.

Not only is this extremely cruel, but is also an offence punishable by law within the Cayman Islands.

The Society is very concerned there are individuals living in our community who are prepared to use this sickening method to kill animals, states a press release.

The symptoms of poisoning include persistent vomiting and diarrhoea often accompanied by difficulty breathing and restlessness. If your dog displays these signs or you suspect your dog may have ingested a poisonous substance please take your dog to a veterinarian clinic immediately.

The CIHS recommends that all dog owners keep their dogs safe and secure; dogs left to roam the streets are in immediate danger and most likely to suffer from poisonings, accidents and abuse.

If any resident has a problem with stray dogs please contact the Humane Society and we will collect the dog, shelter and care for it.

Dogs have lived alongside man in their homes for centuries and the Humane Society offers practical advice and information on housetraining and a variety of other training issues to help you and your dog live side by side comfortably in your home, enabling you to keep your dog safe and off the streets. For information please call The Cayman Islands Humane Society 949 1461.

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