Liquor OK’d at Camana Bay

Liquor licences are in demand by forward looking business people for new town development Camana Bay.

Some of these were heard at Thursday’s quarterly session of the Liquor Licensing Board held at Custom’s Headquarters.

The applications for new licences had been made as a result of the recent lifting of the moratorium on the granting of new licences.

Mr. Renard Moxam had made an application for six Retail liquor licences and six Music and Dancing licences for Camana Bay.

The application, which had already been deferred from September’s previous meeting, could not be heard as Mr. Moxam was off-island. It was again deferred.

However, Mr. Neil Bryington was present to voice his applications for a Retail Liquor Licence and a Music and Dancing Licence at the new Dart development, which the Board subsequently granted him.

Speaking on his behalf, attorney Waide DaCosta said Mr. Bryington’s application is for the first restaurant of Camana Bay, as part of Phase One. He said Mr. Bryington would be looking at his restaurant opening in April or the summer.

Speaking about Mr. Bryington, he said he has been in the hospitality business for 23 years and has resided in Cayman continuously since 1992. He is a shareholder of Smugglers Cove and Deckers Restaurant and manager of Deckers.

‘He’s an eminently qualified applicant,’ said Mr. DaCosta.

In answer to a question from Board Chairman Mitchell Welds, Mr. Bryington said he would like to be able to serve alcohol to patrons of the 3,300 square foot restaurant, who do not order food.

Mr. Bill Baldwin of Blackbeard’s Liquors was granted a second package liquor licence at Camana Bay. He was doing this, he said, because it was such a large development. He was also successful in obtaining a variation on a Package licence, which was deferred from a previous meeting, in the form of a change of location of a Package Liquor License to Camana Bay from Airport Road.

Mr. Baldwin was also granted a Duty Free Package licence at Camana Bay to service visiting tourists along with a Retail Tasting licence for wine tastings.

Mr. Baldwin also applied for a Package Liquor Licence at the new Cayman Centre (opposite Airport Post Office), which he was granted along with a Retail Tasting licence for this location. Although he does not yet have a lease there this can easily be obtained, he said.

Mr. Baldwin was also successful in his applications for a Duty Free Package Liquor Licence and Retail Tasting licence at Grand Harbour, Red Bay. This is, he said, to serve cruise tourists coming in on tour boats.

Retail Tasting licences for Blackbeard’s Liquors stores located at The Strand, Seven Mile Shops and Crewe Road were also granted to him.

Deputy Chairperson Lynn Bodden-Smatt vacated the meeting for Mr. Baldwin’s applications as there was seen to be a conflict of interest.

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