LA may expand flag sales

Chief Secretary George McCarthy told the Legislative Assembly last week he would pass on a request to allow the island’s flag to be sold at other venues besides the National Museum in George Town, and on Cayman Brac.

However, Mr. McCarthy did express concerns about cheapening the symbol, and said he would not support its sale in tourist shops or grocery stores.

‘We would not want it to be treated as a common item,’ he said.

Mr. McCarthy’s comments came in response to questions from George Town MLA Alfonso Wright, who asked about regulations regarding the sale of the flag.

Mr. Wright said he’s noticed the Caymanian flag’s absence at several government-sponsored events recently, particularly when the national song is being sung.

‘We’ve gotten to taking it for granted, that it’s OK to sing the national song without the Cayman Islands flag,’ Mr. Wright said.

Mr. Wright also said he thought it likely that most people, even some native Caymanians, wouldn’t know where to get a flag, and sometimes aren’t aware they can be bought at the museum.

National Museum Director Anita Ebanks said she would support the sale of the flags at other stores, as long as the museum could act as a wholesaler for the product.

‘Quality control is my main concern,’ she said. ‘Also the flags are a good source of income for the museum.’

Ms Ebanks said the museum has sold replicas of the flag previously to such places as the Botanic Park and Turtle Farm, which in turn sold the flags to visitors.

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